Automotive Industry Efficiency (AUTO IE) is a company that optimize your product design, design freeze and production process to ensure profit optimization from early design phase to full production.

We work with all developement phases within the automotive industry and our goals is to ensure your products and production processes are best in class.



- 2020 -


January 15th

Project managment contract signed one of the worlds biggest Automotive industry companies.

- 2019 -


August 12th

Joint venture contract with supplier quality expert company signed!

July 4th

Automotive industry analysis in terms of time to market and cost of delay done for European market. Amazing enablers found and ready for implementation!

January 10th

Joint venture with a design & engineering company in Gothenburg finalized.



- 2018 -


October 15th

Manufacturing industry in Sothern Sweden with costumers like Tetra Pak need help to build an sales department. Auto IE will do an investigation.


September 22nd

China and the Shanghai area visited Sept 17th-23rd. Meetings with potential clients done. Great things ahead!


September 2nd

New website launched!


AUTO IE is a company that optimize your processes from early design phase to full production within the automotive industry.

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